Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well duh...It's Ok- Its Thursday!!!

YAY for another "ITS OK" Thursday!

-ITS OK to be seriously depressed that you can't attend OBU's Tiger Tunes for the first time since...well forever. Below are some pictures from my years involved in Tunes!!! So many amazing memories- I couldn't not share!!


{Flight 1925}

{The"dream team" wow we have all changed SO much!}

{EEE Spies!! First year performing on the JPAC stage!!}

-ITS OK to be mentally prepared to act like a 13 year old crazy fan at the Taylor Swift concert this Saturday night! I can't help it. I love her and her music and I've had these tickets since last Christmas. :) Sue me.

Pinned Image

-ITS OK to wear your hair in a pony tail everyday of the week thus far. 

-ITS OK to tell your dog that you love her every morning even though you know she loves her squirrel toy way more. 

-ITS OK to find crazy joy in marking off days on my calendar.

- ITS OK to have a super messy room at my parents house but become a clean freak the second I walk into me and Tys new house.

-ITS OK to have diva moments every once and awhile.

-ITS OK to actually enjoy writing wedding gift thank you cards!

Link up and join the fun y'all!! 


  1. i promise i tell jax and sophie i love them every day. justin thinks its silly, but i think they really understand!

  2. I LOVE crossing off days on the calendar! Totally ok! :)

  3. I tell my dogs this every morning! And blow them kisses to as I walk out the door. Obsessed, yes I am! And I would sooo act like a 13 year old girl if I was going to see Taylor Swift! So awesome... have fun :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven