Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love is alive.

[[This morning I woke up with a heavy heart for so many people I know who are going through a tough time this Christmas holiday...]]

I guess living in the OBU “bubble” for so long had numbed me to the fact that there are people out there who truly ache during the holiday months. 

While I was at OBU, I was so focused on what I had to do to make it to Christmas break in one piece.  I was focused on studying for that one final for that one class that I absolutely loathed. I was focused on making my own Christmas list filled with the latest and greatest. I was focused on figuring out how I was going to fit ALL my stuff in my tiny little Honda. I was focused on getting home to my home so I could sleep in my warm bed. 

I was focused 100% on myself.  

Going into my first Christmas outside of the “bubble” has been an eye opener. So many people are hurting during these weeks coming up to Christmas and I can’t help but be affected by it and realize that not everything is about ME. 

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Jesus is the ultimate comforter.
He gives peace to the weary. He meets you exactly where you are in life.  
He is the ultimate definition and symbol of LOVE.

Sara Bareilles has a song that came out last Christmas called “Winter Song”. In the chorus she sings the line “Is love alive?” over and over again. 

I have come into contact with so many people who feel that love isn’t alive this Christmas. They feel like just because the calendar says it’s December and the radio songs sing words about being “filled with glee”, and how its “the most wonderful time of the year”…their heart ultimately tells them differently.  

Sometimes situations come our way and we forget that God is love. He loves us in a way that we cant even comprehend. He laid down his OWN life so that we, sinful man, could live in the presence of a Holy God and have our sins forgiven. Jesus gives us REDEMPTION. 

He took on ALL the burdens of this world…every last one of them.

So if your feeling like love isn’t alive this Christmas just remember that whatever situation your going through- God gets it. He understands. He wants to be your comforter and the one stable thing in your life that wont fail you.

So to answer Sara Bareilles question….Yes. Love is very much alive.....

His name is Jesus Christ

Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy Bee.

Man oh man what a crazy couple of days it has been! Let me just give you a brief re-cap:

Woke up Thursday morning and realized that my poor Holly Honda had been broken into by some Grinch wannabe. They bashed out my passenger door window and decided that my GPS looked like a perfect object to steal and take for themselves. Now- I’m not saying that I wasn’t stupid for leaving my GPS out in the open for the taking but STILL….Go out and buy your own dang GPS. Here is a picture of the window damage....

After calling the cops, my dad and I learned that Holly wasn’t THAT special and I wasn’t the only car broken into that night. Apparently they had hit about 7 different neighborhoods and even broke into somebody’s car just for a pack a cigarettes and 45 cents. I forget how lost our world is until an incident like this happens. Thankfully, we were told the next day that my GPS had been recovered and the case was going to court. Plano Police saved the day!
Friday morning finally rolled around and my family and I went to Ryan’s Southwestern Seminary graduation ceremony. My family is very proud of Ryan and all of his accomplishments he has made in the past 3 years. He has worked so hard and definitely earned that degree! I have a lot of respect for people who continue with school after college because, Lord knows, I don’t have the drive to be back in a classroom! Sadly, technology seemed to hate me that morning because my big camera died AND my Flip camera wasn't working so I had to resort to Iphone pictures and video to capture the moment! All the professors wear Cowboy hats with their robes. Kinda weird but its Texas so go figure. 

That night I met up with Megan, Amy and her sister Natalie for dinner at Legacy Town Center’s Mi Cocina! Amy and Natalie had come into town for some Christmas shopping/sister weekend and thankfully I got to spend some time with them! I’m still trying to convince them to move to Plano and I wont give up till I have succeeded. :)
Saturday was another early morning at Prestonwood North with our Northern Lights Christmas performance practice! Here is a picture of the children getting ready to sing “I Love Christmas!” They were all so cute and did a great job!
 That night I went with Ryan and some of his family to Prestonwood South’s “The Gift of Christmas” performance. It was SO amazing. Between the fireworks going off the sanctuary and the flying angels (which is my dream to be one day :D)…I was in awe of it all! I was so impressed with everything and it was such a blessing to watch!  It made me miss the good ol’ days of being apart of the Dallas Christmas Festival performances and all the late nights that came with it!

Sunday was busy with two services packed full of Christmas music and much needed lunch at Blue Goose with fun friends that always make me laugh! I made the mistake of wearing some high heels that literally made the bottom of my feet feel like they were being hit with a hammer over and over again. Its clearly been awhile since my pageant days. 

So now its finally Monday morning and the week has officially BEGUN! I wonder what fun things will happen to me THIS week!?!

Here is a random picture of my long lost kitty Bella. She is the cutest. :) Thank you Megan for sending me weekly pictures of her! Meow. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend.

For some reason it has been one of those weeks were I can’t seem to wake up no matter how many cups of coffee I have. 

I wake up in the mornings not feeling like P- Diddy but rather like somebody who has had a truck run over them numerous times. On my way to work I pass about 4 Starbucks that taunt me with their green and white round logo. Usually by the time I pass the 4th one- I give in to the temptation and stop to enjoy a delicious Carmel Brulee Latte and if I’m really in a good mood- maybe a cinnamon coffee cake.

Is it just me or does holding a warm Starbucks coffee cup in your hand make you feel like you can conquer any situation that gets thrown your direction?

I blame this subconscious notion of coffee on Hollywood. In movies and TV shows they make coffee seem like a necessity and a way to survive the harsh world we live in. They make it seem like as long as you have a coffee cup in your hand- nothing can touch you. For example- in the show Gilmore Girls- the character, Lorelei, has a coffee addiction and makes it seem trendy and cool to down about 5 cups a day. If that were reality and she really did down 5 cups a day- her teeth would have then been brown and nasty and, sadly for her, she wouldn’t be so trendy anymore. On NCIS, Special Agent Gibbs drinks the stuff all day long- and somehow solves a murder mystery about a Navy Seal in 30 minutes. We also see celebrities’ like Britney Spears downing the drug in every magazine we pick up and somehow she lands her own dedicated episode on Glee after dropping her kid and shaving her head?

So whether you blame it on the genius branding strategies of Starbucks, or just blame it on Hollywood- one thing is for sure- coffee, like rain, is a good thing and will always be around to make your day that much better.

Treat yourself to a warm cup today. You deserve it.

Keep it Classy World Conquerors. 

photo credits here, here and here