Thursday, July 28, 2011

I spy something with 4 legs and a long body..

Well since the parentals have left me home alone once again, its been just me and Chloe-bear hanging out at the house. Between my parents being gone to San Fran and Seaside-my pup and I have bonded a lot.

And with that comes lots of random photo shoots of her.

{She doesn't mind though. I think she actually enjoys being in front of a camera!}

We have been on walks...played with her ball....andddddd she's uh been itchy?

If you know the Briscoe family at all then you know we are lovers of all things Dachshund. I think every member of my family has one! We are clearly stuck in our ways. 

Anywho- While stiffing through blogs one day-I came across one that makes me smile when its just been one of those days!

It's a blog all about this one woman, her dachshund and the adventures they take on a daily basis. She takes some of the funniest photos of this dog and really captures his personality! I honestly have no idea how in the world she gets that dog to sit still for longer then a second. Chloe doesn't do well with costumes or outfits. Come to find out she also has some of the cutest cards/magnets! These are two things that I ordered and got in the mail today!

This magnet reminded me so much of Chloe because she is also a lover of coffee just like her sister! In the mornings she can be found nose deep a good cold cup of coffee that my dad has left on the counter. If you don't catch her in the act-the coffee will be gone in 2.535 seconds- so you have to act fast!

I got this card for my brother while he is at camp. He's been gone all summer and im sure this will remind him of home :) Of'll be a letter from Chlo herself!

So go check out here sweet store and give you pup some love tonight. 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey guys!! I have some exciting news!! I have FINALLY opened up my Etsy store!! 


Red Robe Designs baby! I am beyond excited about the new name, brand, look and feel of it all! Please go check it out!! Just click HERE! I am switching over to my new Red Robe Designs blog so if you follow this one- please follow my new one! You can get to the blog by clicking here!
Well guys- I got a new blog!

I wanted to be able to update you on my Etsy store as well as my personal life all on one blog so here it is! If you followed my Keepin' It Classy blog, I would love for you to start following this one as well! Just click that cute little girl to the right of this post and BAM, you can follow all my fun and exiting posts because they are never anything less then that-right? ;) 

If you havent checked out my Red Robe Designs Etsy store- Go click the tab called "The Store" and click the link! My prints are colorful and brighten up any dull room, cubical or dorm room!

Here is a little preview of some things in the store right now! 

Thanks for looking!!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Overly Interest in Pinterest.

Why is it that every time I walk into Hobby Lobby I usually walk out with nothing? I know all you savvy crafty people out there reading this just gasped with shock but for some reason my ideas and dreams of making/doing things get cut short when I walk into that store. I think its because I have SO much that I want to do and no house to put all these crafty creations in.

I also blame all this on

Before my bestie, Amy, introduced me to this- I only had a few projects here and there that I kept in the back of my mind and now I have over 40 and a website that keeps track of ALL of them for me AND organizes everything by whatever categorie I want. Awesome.

Have you been crafty with a project you saw on Pinterest?? I would love to hear about it!

Also- I want to give y'all a house update!! Tyler went by today and snapped this photo of the side of the house! Hopefully with the next update I will have better photos but until then- This will do! 

As you can see, they have put up the roof AND the sides!! Those workers get down to business! WOOP WOOP! :) 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miss Arkansas 2011

This past week/weekend was the Miss Arkansas pageant! If you know me- you know my love for this particular weekend. I was blessed to be able to compete in this pageant as Miss Southwest Arkansas and Miss Ouachita Baptist University. Last year I achieved my ultimate goal and made top ten as Miss OBU! I have met some amazing girls through this program and believe in the system 110%. It has shaped and molded me into the women that I am today. I blogged durning my week there- and you can click here to see those posts!

This year competition was thick!! All of the girls were stunning and I have no idea how the judges even began to narrow everything down to just ten girls! Ouachita swept the top ten with 3 girls from our university being represented: Bethany Whitfield, Lauren English and Kristen Glover. On Saturday night, after one long pageant, Kristen Glover was finally crowned Miss Arkansas 2011! What makes this so special is the fact that she was representing Ouachita Baptist University when she won! I had the privilege to crown her in at the beginning of this year and here is a picture of that moment! :) 

 I wish Kristen nothing but the best this next year as she represents the great state of Arkansas! I know she will do a great job! Be sure to cheer her on when watching Miss America this year!! Click here to watch her interview on Today's THV Channel 11!

{Me and Amy on Saturday night! Amy sang the National Anthem every night and KILLED IT! I was so proud to call her my best friend!}

{An update on the progress of our house! The framing is up! Next step: ROOF! YAY!}

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let the countdown begin because I have..

                                                         {get pumped. get excited.} 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh yeahhh I have a blog. Oops

Wow so much has gone on since I last blogged! So let me recap for ya! Okay first off- my best friend since childhood, Carly Henderson, got married to a wonderful man named Eric Beckham on June 25th! I had the privilege of being the maid of honor and it was a beautiful wedding! I am so happy for her and couldn't have picked a better man for her to spend the rest of her life with! Isnt she just the perfect bride?!

So many of you might or might not know that me and Tyler are building a home in McKinney! We are super excited and have been taking pictures of the progress as it goes along bc eventually I would love to make a scrapbook of "our first home". I have never attempted at scrap booking so I figured id start small! 

Yesterday we were beyond excited to see that they had poured our foundation! I have never before been so pumped to see a slab of concrete!! Here are a few pictures of the process so far! 

{On the day we signed our papers and the lot was officially sold!}

{We had so much fun picking out everything!}

{First day that they broke ground!!} 

{The day they put the plumbing in!}

{And finally yesterday they poured the foundation! YAY! Look at that pretty drive up!}

On Friday they are suppose to have the framing done and next week the roof goes up! Me and Ty feel extremely blessed that we are able to build our first home! God has been good!!