Friday, February 3, 2012

What a Perfect Day for a GIVEAWAY! :)

PSSST....Guess what??? 

Red Robe Designs is FINALLY doing a GIVEAWAY! 

((And not just ANY giveaway))

A giveaway for TWO...yes TWO...Erin Condren $25 giftcards!

So that means we will have 2 winners!!! WOO HOO!

If you don't already know who Erin Condren is and what her products look like- Go check them out now HERE!  (they may or may not change your life...Just sayin')

Some of my absolute favorites are.....

Of course- If I could have ALL of her products, I would, but for now- Those are my TOP 3 picks! :) 

How do you enter this fabulous contest you ask??? 

Just enter below! Easy as that! :)

{{Remember to follow all the rules or I can't count your entry....Sad day.}}

This giveaway will run from today to February 10th and you can do some entries daily for more chances to win! 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New job- New tan :)

I have some exciting news. This upcoming Monday I will be starting my NEW JOB as Graphic Designer at....

Drum roll pleaseeeeee!

I am so excited about this new position not only because I have a passion for all things Graphic Design but because I also have a passion for sunless tanner. 

If you don't already know- I am what they call a "day walker". I am not fully red head but my skin acts as so. My whole life I have battled with the sun. Every summer I would lay out with my darker skinned toned buddies and pray that after 45 minutes of laying in the 108 degree Texas sun that I would indeed, be a bronzed babe. 

But every year...I failed. 

Finally, one summer I looked up at the sun (not directly of course...that would be silly) and said 

And that was when my relationship with sunless tan began. 

This relationship got even more involved the more and more I competed in pageants. I saw some pretty good sunless tanning attempts and I saw some REALLY REALLY bad sunless tanning attempts.

I started using Xen-Tan when my mom's friend Mrs. Julie brought some over for her to use. I was shocked to see that this tanner was different then other products! Unlike other products, Xen-Tan gives you a NATURAL olive tone look and doesn't smell like other products. No more will you have to battle the "orange fake look".  PRAISE THE LAMB!

Some of my favorite products already are:

This product is UH-mazing. You get to customize your tan each time you apply with the adjustable dial!

For me, its important to have a good face tanner that doesn't flake off or make me break out since I have very sensitive skin. This tanner has a gentle lactic acid in it which means no flaking or splotching! 

This product is one that I am MOST excited about. If you have ever had a spray tan or applied sunless tanner to yourself- You know that your hands, knuckles and wrists can be problems areas. Nobody likes to look down at somebody's arm and see a definite line where the sunless tanner begins and ends. This is where the blending balm comes in handy! You can rub this in the problem areas to create a more natural and smooth look! It really works too! 

So all in all- I am pretty pumped about this new position. I get to dive into some awesome design jobs AS WELL as promote and wear Xen-Ten Sunless Tan on a daily basis. What more could a girl want??

Check out Xen-Tan on HERE and also on Facebook :)