Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Like omg, you're totally my BFF.

You know how certain things people say to you just stick with you for life? 

It could be something so pointless and useless-yet our brains decide to remember it. For some reason I remember things like the first time I got told I was pretty by a boy. Sure, it was the first time this boy had ever seen me in black eyeliner and mascara- but whatever. It's stuck with me. Or the time somebody told me that if we were to stretch out our small and large intestines- they would wrap around the world exactly one time. This, of course, was a complete lie and was told to me by a boy in track practice- but for some reason, I remember being told this and believing it 100%.

But one thing I remember more vividly then others was the time my mom and dad told me that in college I would most likely find friends that would eventually become some of my best friends for life. At the time, this was something I didn't think was possible because I had a tight knit group of high school friends that I was connected to the hip with. The thought of having to start all over with finding friends or even becoming BEST friends with new people was something I didn't think would ever happen. 

But then I pledged EEE and came across a group of girls that changed my mind on that theory. One of the girl in that group was Amy Lynn Wentz. 

{One of the last pledge class pictures we took!}

Back to things that we remember and don't know why- The first time I ever remember seeing Amy was when she was walking down the bright-lighted, white walled hallway of Francis Crawford dorm singing a rap song and doing some kind of twisting hip motion. (You're welcome Amy) I may or may not have thought she was a freak at the time- but that's besides the point.

{Date Night at the Little Rock Travelers Game...with boys- not each other! ha!}

{One of the many fun rush nights with EEE}

{Homecoming day when we were both on the court!}

I don't even remember how we started hanging out or when we went from just being "pledge sisters" to being "best friends"- but we did. 

Amy is the type of friend that I know Ill be talking to when 75. She's the only friend that has the guts to bust me out for being "too sassy" and the guts to tell me that my boyfriend at the time- was crap. For some reason, Amy and I talk probably 70% of our normal day and anything less than that feels odd and extremely off. You may think we have a sever problem called "co-dependency" but I like to think of it as "separation anxiety". Amy, even after all my best efforts, still lives in Arkansas and I live in Texas- so its not like we get to see each other on a weekly basis. Thankfully we have a group of friends who like to get married and have babies, which gives me an excuse to drive down to AR every now and then for showers and weddings!

{Always a fun car ride with Ty and Aimes!}

{My surprise 22nd birthday!}

Amy is and will always be my best friend. So I wanted to write this post in honor of her birthday today! If you havent already- go show this chicka some love on her blog today!

{Amy loves to tube on the lake- Can you tell? Muaha}

I'm glad to say that my parents were right when telling me that I would meet a group of friends in college that would eventually be my best friends for life. And to the boy who only acknowledged my beauty when I had mascara and black eyeliner on -you should see what I look like while wearing blush. It might just blow your mind.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventures of a Nugget and Boomerang.

A couple days ago little Nugget aka: Sadie Swift- Got to go to the park to stretch her legs a bit and play with dad's new boomerang. Tyler says this is the perfect toy because it makes her "look up" like she would if she was duck hunting with him. I just think she looks cute when she chases after something she cant reach.

I also might have gone a little picture crazy that day too. I couldn't help it. 

She's simply too cute. 

{"Ma, I think my allergies are getting to me."}

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Jealous Blogger.

So this is what it must feel like to actually be a normal blogger??? I have never sat down and blogged a post that wasn't during my work lunch hour. Sad I know. But since getting this new Graphic Design job with Xen-Tan Sunless Tanner- I have been a tad bit too busy to even think about slowing down enough during the work day to write. I get to work at 9 and BAM...its 5:30.

Can I be honest for a second? 
I really dont know how everybody in the blog world does it. 

Some of you women have time to cook a 3 course meal for your husband, take pictures of every step and then write a blog post about it, while rocking a newborn baby to sleep at the same time. Some of you even have time to actually do that Pinterest craft that I will probably never get to in my lifetime involving tolietpaper rolls and hotglue. A hand full of you even have time to take pictures of your daily outfits, upload them to your computer and then edit them all for one blog post a week. First off, I commend you for having that many cute outfits to show off in a 7 day period. I need to come ransack all of your closets and steal half of yalls wardrobe for myself because if I did that weekly....It would be a hot mess.
But really....Where are all these bloggers finding the time to do all of this?! Am I missing out on 4 hours of the day that I dont know about??

To say the least....I am a jealous blogger. 

But I cant complain about being busy really. I have learned that if I am not busy and running around like a crazy person- then life just isnt as fun. This is also another reason why I love my husband so much. He loves being busy too. Sitting down for more then an hour is a difficult task for him. Some of you may call that ADHD but I call it attractive.

So as I sit here and type at 8:00 AM in the morning, I am learning that blogging for me is a hit and miss thing. I love to write and get my thoughts down- but it might just not happen as frequent as some of the blogs I enjoy reading. 

So if anybody can tell me where to find that extra 4 hours in the day, I would be most grateful.