Friday, April 26, 2013

Kick Up Your Heels.

{Photo Credit: Andy Warhol: Diamond Dust Shoes}

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon a pretty insane shoe sale at Steve Madden and walked out with a crazy amount of new heels that I just "had to have". You know the kind. We all have at least one pair...or two...or three. 

The beautiful things about shoes is no matter how much weight you gain/loose...

Shoes will always fit. 

This is how I justify splurging on a perfect pair of hot pink neon heels.
These are just a couple that I am currently drooling over. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Skin Regimen

Growing up I didn't have perfect skin. In fact, I had the total opposite. Lets just say that around 13 puberty hit me hard and basically left no mercy on my poor brace-faced oily skin.  You can imagine how many guys liked me at this time. 

My mom tells me that it wasn't "as bad as I remember" but from photos that I have since burned or hidden definitely told me otherwise.  Over the course of this battle with imperfect skin I had accumulated quite the impressive collection of skincare products. Many of which now lay beneath my bathroom sink in what I like to call my "beauty graveyard". If you said the product worked or knew a friend who had a cousin who had a step sister that said it worked- I would most likely buy it and try it. Sadly enough, most of the product I would spend a fortune on never kept up to its promises which resulted in many half empty products that just collected hair in my bathroom drawers.

(Ladies, you can relate to this issue I'm sure.) 
It wasn't until recently did I learn that with using one (yes...just ONE) simple product, could I actually have the skin that I drooled over for years. You know the "celebrity glow" or the "#nomakeup #nofilter" look. 

1. Purity Made Simple by Philosophy: This is one of my all time favorite brands. This face wash doesn't dry your skin out which is always a huge factor for me but yet leaves you feeling refreshed and clean.

2. Clarisonic Mia: For months I would glaze at this product in Sephora and go back and forth on weather or not spending over $100 would be worth it. And boy am I sure glad I did. Its amazing how much makeup this bad boy removes even AFTER you've washed your face and think you got all the makeup and dirt off the first time. I only use this product once every couple days since it does exfoliate pretty heavily.

3. Nerium AD: This product was a game changer for me and the one product that I found actually works. (que the hallelujah chorus) It's an anti-aging night cream that not only helps me prevent fine lines, wrinkles and emerging lines (lines not visible to the naked eye yet), it helps with the overall tone and texture of my skin as well as hyperpigmentation. When I say my makeup goes on 100% different now, I am not joking! This product replaced my under eye cream, toner and even masks.

4. Murad Pomegranate Moisturizer: Im really picky about my moisturizer. I don't like anything too thick or too oily, but yet something that hydrates my skin in the morning before I apply my makeup to give it a dewy look. With the crazy hot/cold weather here in Texas, this product is a must for me!