Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He will win in the end.

Heard Beth Moore say this during our last session of our study on Revelation last night and I can stop reading it this morning! I hope it ministers to somebody's heart today like it has mine.

Pslam 138.

"He will perfect all things that will concern you. Every single thing that you have been through will receive purpose. Everything will turn out, will make sense, will have redemption, will be perfected. You have not been through the one thing that He can not redeem." -Beth Moore

Our God will win in the end.  It doesn't get much better then that people.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The official launch of Bethany Lynne Designs!

Well I have decided to slowly start marketing my freelance business. I have been doing a handful of logos, business cards and invitations for various people and I thought it was time to actually have a name and a "brand" to attach to my work. So here it is...."Bethany Lynne Designs." :) I'm not really creative with coming up with names so I thought this would work for now! I am still in the process of getting together my Etsy store so be on the look out for that as well!

If you are interested in having something designed please contact me at to talk details! To check out my portfolio go here!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Engagement Pictures!! YAY!

Well as some of you know, Tyler and I took our engagement pictures this past weekend at his ranch in Morgan, TX with the talented David Edmonson! By the next day I had a handful of teaser pictures in my email inbox! To say I was excited was an understatement! Here are a few from the bunch he sent us! :)

Me and Tyler had a blast taking these! His ranch is such a special place to both of us that we couldn't think of better location to capture these memories! :) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things that keep you sane.

Well I went two days….and gave in. As I sit and type this to you, im also sucking down the best white chocolate mocha I've ever had. I'm just not cut out for crappy coffee. I can't do it. I tried to go a whole week without going to Starbucks, and this morning- I failed miserably.

Brandon, my brother, went on the black coffee challenge for a week and now he wont drink anything BUT black coffee. I really don’t get how people do it. What can I say...I am a slave to Starbucks.

Sometimes you run across pictures that just simply make you laugh out loud. And a lot of days, pictures like these are the only thing keeping me sane. Here are three that i've come across recently!

Enjoy! I hope you get a good laugh out of them. 

{Are people really reading this to kids?!}

{Somebody had way too much time...}

{One of my favorite childhood places to play for sure} 

What are things that keep YOU sane throughout your day??? 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Photoshoots and Shopping.

Well goodness! I haven't blogged in a week! Needless to say the past couple days have been busy ones! This past weekend Tyler and I spent ALL day Saturday at the ranch taking engagement pictures with the fabulous and extremely talented photographer, David Edmonson! Even though it was 93 degrees and windy...we still got some amazing shots that I cant wait to show you soon! 

Thankfully, I went shopping at Apple Blvd the Thursday before the shoot and got some of the cutest dresses, tops, scarfs and accessories! (I will use any occasion as an excuse to go shopping :D Ha!) Check them out HERE! They are so affordable as well- Nothing over 100 dollars! :) Hope everyone has a great Monday and happy shopping! 

Psalm 34:8 "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Monday.

Here are some things that ive done the past couple of weeks.....Since I know you're curious :) 

{I not really sure if this is an accomplishment or a sign that I have a very sick obsession with Starbucks? But whatever- I'll take it.}

{Me and Tyler went to go play BINGO with my Grandaddy and some of his friends down at The Lodge. We won most of the games and left with a pocket full of shiny dimes! Tyler also almost left with a new girlfriend but that is a whole different story...}

This weekend I got a BRAND NEW CAR! YAY! Sadly my Holly Honda was totaled a week or so ago so say hello to Ella. (Yes mom, I gave in...her name is Ella.) 

{Here I am signing the papers officially making the car...and the payments (yuck!) all mine! My dad looks so excited haha) 

{My mom and I also went through a lot of old pictures that my Aunt brought home from my Grandaddys house in El Dorado. Clearly I was already aware that I would be marrying somebody that has a love for basketballs.} 

Friday, April 1, 2011

A to Z.

I got this off Amys blog who got it off Katis blog so join in on the fun and write me a comment so I can read yours too!! Happy Friday everybody! :) 

A. Age: 22...Turning 23 in 4 days! I like cash and gift cards. :) 

B. Bed: I have a queen size bed and I absolutely LOVE it. If somebody told me I had to stay in my bed for a month straight- I could do it. For reals. 

C. Chore you dislike: Um all of them? Ha no I guess folding clothes. I don't mind putting them in the washer and dryer but having to stand there and fold them is something I would rather not do. The only down side is that if I don't fold them right away im stuck with wrinkly clothes. No bueno. 

D. Dogs: I have a weenie dog named Chloe and we have a love/hate relationship. I love her most of the time and but more times then not, she forgets who I am and will try and bite my face off. Good thing she has her cute moments. In the future I would love to have a Lab named Sadie Lynne (not like ive thought about it or obsessed over it or anything.) 

E. Essential start to each day: I've gotten in this horrible habit of checking twitter and Facebook after my alarm goes off on my phone because the glow of the screen in my face tends to wake me up faster. It works people. Try it.

F. Favorite color: Purple. It looks good on me. I look good in it. Thats it really. 

G. Gold or silver: I wear gold when it matches my outfit otherwise im a silver kinda girl. 

H. Height: 5'7...ish? I have no idea. 

I. Instrument you play(ed): Well I once tried to play the guitar but was told to stick to singing - So needless to say, I did.

J. Job title: Graphic Designer/ Marking Assistant 

K. Kids: None...Lets just try to get to the wedding people. Aaaaa thank you. 

L. Live for ______: The next meal. And you know you do too. 

M. Most embarrassing moment: At my very first pageant I walked straight into a huge amp that was hidden in the curtains while walking off stage and fell on my face in a Vera Wang dress....not once....but twice. I could only go up from that moment on. 

N. Nickname: Skeeter (high school nickname), Sass, Sis, B, or Beth and Brittany to half the people at my work. 

O. Overnight hospital stays: I've never stayed over night thankfully, but I did make a few trips to the ER with my roomie in college. haha. 

P. Pet Peeves: People who blow their nose in public. Who wants to hear snot being shot out from somebody else's nose?? Please go into the restroom or away from me to do that business. 

Q. Quote from a movie: I am the worlds worst at remembering movie quotes. I could go see a movie and 5 minutes after its over, forget the entire plot. BUT I guess if I had to choose I would say any Forest Gump quote and only if Samantha George said it. "I WAS RUNNIN!!"

S. Siblings: My little but not so little brother, Brandon. He's a sophomore at OBU and a Beta and probably the best looking one they've got. 

T. Time you wake up: I set my alarm for 6:30AM and actually listen to it around 6:45. 

U. University attended: Ouachita Baptist University where I was an EEE. PC 07 what what?!

V. Vegetables: I didn't start liking vegetables until I was forces to for pageant dieting. Im a fan of grilled squash and zucchini. Yum.

W. What makes you run late: Going to Starbucks.....everyday. 

X. X-rays you've had: Never have had an xray before because for me... safety never takes a day off. 

Y. Yummy food you make: Haha make??? Umm....I make good break off cookies and mean bowl of cereal. 

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I love love love the penguins and the ground hogs.