Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things that keep you sane.

Well I went two days….and gave in. As I sit and type this to you, im also sucking down the best white chocolate mocha I've ever had. I'm just not cut out for crappy coffee. I can't do it. I tried to go a whole week without going to Starbucks, and this morning- I failed miserably.

Brandon, my brother, went on the black coffee challenge for a week and now he wont drink anything BUT black coffee. I really don’t get how people do it. What can I say...I am a slave to Starbucks.

Sometimes you run across pictures that just simply make you laugh out loud. And a lot of days, pictures like these are the only thing keeping me sane. Here are three that i've come across recently!

Enjoy! I hope you get a good laugh out of them. 

{Are people really reading this to kids?!}

{Somebody had way too much time...}

{One of my favorite childhood places to play for sure} 

What are things that keep YOU sane throughout your day??? 

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  1. Dude, it's hard not being a slave to starbucks, but my credit card (and future husband) can't handle it. I'm trying to learn to make the same stuff on my own. For example, this morning I made myself a delicious cup of iced coffee. YUM.

    HAHA good luck to you, my friend! (and pray for gift cards!!)