Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Since working at XEN-TAN, my obsession for anything gold has hit an all time high. I literally can not get enough of it. So if you can't seem to find me, just look for the brunette wearing gold from head to toe prancing around as if she thinks she's an Egyptian godess. 

And there I will be.

Friday, August 24, 2012

{{1st Edition of Faith Friday}}

Yesterday I came home from a busy and stressful day at work to find that I had WON a huge August Group Giveaway over at Heathers blog Glitter and Gloss

I hardly ever enter giveaways thinking "Oh I won't win..I never win anything." but I simply couldn't resist with this one! She had some awesome stuff up for grabs by her sponsors! I'm a huge fan of her blog and her famous "Mani Monday" link up so when I saw that I had won I think I squealed like a 7 year old girl and then called my mom and best friend acting like I had won the lottery. Because in a small way in my mind- I did.

Like I said folks, It was a stressful day so this was a nice turn of events for me!


On a different note- I have wanted  to do this free download series for a while now. I look at people selling scripture prints for $20 bucks a pop and I just can't help but think that simple scripture prints should be available to anybody and everybody.

For free. 

So this is the 1st edition of Bloom Design's "Faith Friday". I decided to feature the verse Jeremiah 29:13 this week! Be on the lookout every Friday for a new printable!

 Because let's be honest...When Friday rolls around- we can all use a little scripture encouragement :)

{To download simple click on the print you want and print them out on an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper! The prints are sized at 8x10 so you will have to do some cropping down if you want to frame}


Monday, August 13, 2012

Dreaming in Watercolor.

I took an illustration class in college that about made me cry on a daily basis. I was use to hanging up my artwork on the board that I had worked on day in and day out only to have it ripped to pieces verbally by my professor and classmates- but this class was something else. I like to think that the professor just had it out for me but I have to be honest...I was just downright horrible at it. I was use to drawing on a computer NOT with an illustration pen and paper. So needless to say- I wont be designing the artwork for a children's book anytime soon...

But besides the fact that this class terrified me every Tuesday and Thursday, we actually got to work a little with water color which I surprisingly ended up falling in love with. I wont proclaim to be good at it but now whenever I come across it- I can't help but be drawn to it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

"Mom to Bee" Baby Shower Invites

The air conditioning is out at work today. 

If you are experiencing 107+ degree heat like we are here in Texas- then you feel my pain right now. My makeup is melting arms are sticking to my desk and my curls are fallen and sad looking. I am in desperate need of a fan or a massive block of ice that I can sit my butt on instead of my rollie-chair. 

Blah. But I can't complain-- at least I'm not pregnant during this heat. That would be tragic and my diva side would come out with a vengeance. So major props to all you pregnant people out there sticking it out while living on the face of the sun.

I felt like these invites were perfect for a hot August baby shower since I only see bee's when its super hot outside. These invites were done for my friend's friend who lives out in Houston! The theme was "Mom to Bee"! How cute is that?!