Monday, July 30, 2012

Mani Monday- Pink & Glitter

This is my very first Mani Monday and I have to say- I am so excited! For some reason- I have become obsessed with painting my nails over the past 9 months. For the longest time I was the girl who ALWAYS had acrylic nails until I got married and decided my budget was more important then having fake nails. So as a way to save money- I ended up buying a ton of polish and painting my nails like an OCD crack addict. 

{So ummm..maybe im not really saving THAT much now that im thinking about it...But whatever- that's besides the point.}

The polish I used this week is
1. Essie topcoat "a cut above" (on the right)
2. Essie "mob square" (on the left)

It only takes two coats of the pink and one coat of the glitter polish to have the perfect look/make your fingers look like mini Easter eggs.

{The glitter definitely sparkles when it hits the light just right!}

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Grad Story" Announcement

Okay first off...Yes, I have completely changed up my branding and I could not be happier! Want to know the inside scoop on why I decided on the name Bloom Designs? Click here! 

Anytime I get to incorporate my love for typography into a fun design- I get giddy. I can't help it- I'm a sucker for fun fonts. So naturally, when I was asked to do a graduation announcement in the form of my "Love Story" prints I was super pumped. This is a 5x7 announcement printed on linen paper! 

What a fun way to tell people you are graduating while also giving them the "spark notes" version the last four years of your life and your plans for the future all in one card!