Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This past Easter Sunday, my husband and I woke up to get ready for church. I slipped on a pair of blue pants from Fossil paired with a hot pink blazer and black cami underneath. 

I turned around to my husband and his eyes were as big as golf balls and uttered the words...

"You look like somebody from the Hunger Games Capitol."

I just simply took that statement as a compliment- I mean who wouldn't right??

But he clearly doesn't have a understanding or love for color blocking like so many of us girls do.

color blocking obsession

color blocking

love the color blocking

Original Color Blocking?

I mean if Princess Diana can do can you. 

Oh goodness...Look at what I just did- Another "fashion post"....who the heck am I now? 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So normally I never do "fashion posts" because I don't fancy myself as an expert in this area. This is also why I don't snap pictures of my daily outfits for the world to see. Sometimes I can look like one big hot mess and I would rather not share that with the entire internet world. But wanna know my secret? I simply copy what my other fashionable friends are wearing and my style doesn't seem to flop most of the time. Boomshakalacka.

Anyway- this past weekend I had the privilege to speak with my old college roomie, Megan Rogers, at the Prestonwood's Womens conference during their "Pinterest on a Platform" segment Friday night. We spoke on the different trends and ways to tie your scarf and we both had a blast doing it!

{{Here is a little inside scoop on what we talked about that night}}

Spring has sprung and floral is in!


This season is all about floral patterns! Floral patterns are everywhere you look in the mall…On shoes, pants, shirts and yes…even scarfs! The best way to wear a floral scarf is over a solid patterned shirt or dress.You don’t want to have too many patterns clashing with your scarf and solid colors really make the floral pattern pop! It’s a great way to add more color choices to your outfit as well!

Don’t put on your sunglasses…Its just Neon!

neon scarf

Some of you may be thinking “There is no way I can pull off neon colors!” But don’t be afraid of them! Neon is back in a big way ladies but it’s not the 80s affair some of you may remember! Neon colors are a perfect way to show off your summer tan! A lot of women will gravitate towards the brighter colored swimsuits- Why? Because it makes them look tanner then they really are! Same goes for the neon scarf! When rocking the neon scarf- be careful to not incorporate it with other neon shirts or pants. Too much can be a bad thing in this case! Instead opt for neutrals colors to blend into your neon scarf such as nudes, navy, gray, black and brown!

Animal Prints have come roaring back!

animal print scarf

Leopard is in. Zebra was never out. This summer is the year of the leopard print! When wearing an animal print scarf- let that be the focal point of your outfit. Leopard mixed with zebra or even leopard on top of leopard just looks like a safari gone bad! As my old college professor would say "K.I.S.S" (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) One animal print piece is enough, keep everything else minimalism and neutral. 
The scarf that keeps on giving!

Striped Infinity Scarf - Spring Summer Infinity scarf in Grey / Cream stripes.  Circle Scarf, Eternity Scarf, loop scarf, tube scarf,

This winter’s hottest new trend was the infinity scarf! The puffy wrapped look was great for keeping warm on those somewhat cold winter days we had!  But no fear, you can still rock the infinity scarf in the summer! It’s a longer scarf that is sown into a circle. The infinity scarf comes in all different shapes, sizes and patterns it’s just all about the “wrapped” look!

So go out there and rock a summer scarf and add a little something extra to your outfit!