Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh my deer!

Some of you may or may not know by now, but the man I fell in love with in college, and soon thereafter tied the knot with….is a hunter. Yes. The man I LOVE loves to (legally) kill animals with a gun and then hang them on a wall.

I was never a “fairy tale-type” dreamer growing up but like most females in the world; I watched Disney movies. A lot. So naturally, I had moments when I would think about who my “knight in shining armor” would one day be. It wasn’t until a weekend at Tyler’s families ranch did I learn that my knight was probably not going to be covered in armor from head to toe…but rather he would be covered in leafy camo.

{Evidence that love will make you do crazy things. *Note: for the "yuppies" in the world reading this...I edited the image for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.} 

When you live with a hunter- at some point have to put your foot down on the amount of dead stuffed things that are hanging on your walls. If you don’t- your home could begin to look like the setting for a low budget thriller film.

So here are some great examples of things you can use to give your home that rustic chic feel without having to go absolutely overboard:
Fake it till you make it. 
If the thought of hanging something in your home that was once alive gives you the heebie jeebies- This faux taxidermy pieces are a great alternative and a great way to add a unique piece to your wall decor.

Get creative with it.
Antlers around the home are popular right now but let's not get crazy with placing them everywhere. Painted antlers can add pop of color to a room as well as be a great statement piece to a table top.