Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Red Egg Party Invitation

About a month ago I had the opportunity to create this gem of an invitation for a friend's friend down in Houston! At first when she told me she needed an invitation created for a Red Egg party I totally did what every normal person does when they don't know what something means....

I Googled it.

"Red Egg and Ginger Party is where proud parents introduce their new baby to friends and relatives. Traditionally, a newborn was not given a name or formally accepted into the family until this time because, as in other countries, infant mortality rates in China were quite high. A baby who reached one month of age was likely to survive, and so the event was celebrated! The naming of the baby was very important because the Chinese believed that one's name can influence everything that happens in life. Why an egg? Eggs are significant because they symbolize fertility and the renewal of life. Also, their shape is traditionally associated with harmony and unity."

Crazy right? Not only did I get to design this awesome invite for Tiffany and Matthew Lim...I learned some new interesting facts about the Chinese culture! :) 

Congrats to the Lim's on their new baby girl Madeline!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Southern Girl Swap: Fancy Little Things; Christmas Traditions

Hi guys! Today I am blogging over at Kati
s Get Away so go check it out HERE! But before you do- check out Allie's guest blog post below! :) 

Hi everyone!!!

I'm Allie and I blog over at Young Love.
This is me with my sweet fiance, Blake. He is a coach for Russellville!

This is our pride and joy, Ace. 

Over at my blog you will find a little bit of everything.... fashion, food, football, a little DIY... all that kind of stuff!

I am so excited to be guest posting here today, and I wanted to talk about something very exciting coming up... Christmas! And more specifically.. Christmas presents!

Being a broke college student... buying Christmas presents for two very large families (mine and Blake's) can be expensive. So this year I decided to get creative. 

Now you will probably laugh a little when I tell you what I've been up to... but laugh all you want, because I am quite proud of my homemade presents!

I have taken up kitting.

Yes, you read right.... knitting.

Backstory: When i was in high school, my Sunday school class learned how to knit. We knit tons and tons of scarves for a women's shelter during the Holidays. It was great. Well, then I moved away to college and forgot all about knitting. Then enters tiny bank account and the urge to buy lots of Christmas presents. So I got a little more creative. I have been working on some really fun projects and trying to "modernize" my knitting!!! Here are a few of the projects I've completed so far!

Here is an infinity scarf I made!

Here is a headband/ear warmer with a flower I added!
Here is a "cinched" headband/ear warmer!

Here is my latest project: Chevron knitting!!

So there you have it! My latest hobby! Knitting is super easy and super fun.. and the things I have made are SO much cheaper to make than to go out and buy! 

Thank you again, Bethany, for letting me take over your blog!

Happy December!