Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Monday.

Here are some things that ive done the past couple of weeks.....Since I know you're curious :) 

{I not really sure if this is an accomplishment or a sign that I have a very sick obsession with Starbucks? But whatever- I'll take it.}

{Me and Tyler went to go play BINGO with my Grandaddy and some of his friends down at The Lodge. We won most of the games and left with a pocket full of shiny dimes! Tyler also almost left with a new girlfriend but that is a whole different story...}

This weekend I got a BRAND NEW CAR! YAY! Sadly my Holly Honda was totaled a week or so ago so say hello to Ella. (Yes mom, I gave in...her name is Ella.) 

{Here I am signing the papers officially making the car...and the payments (yuck!) all mine! My dad looks so excited haha) 

{My mom and I also went through a lot of old pictures that my Aunt brought home from my Grandaddys house in El Dorado. Clearly I was already aware that I would be marrying somebody that has a love for basketballs.} 

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