Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Jealous Blogger.

So this is what it must feel like to actually be a normal blogger??? I have never sat down and blogged a post that wasn't during my work lunch hour. Sad I know. But since getting this new Graphic Design job with Xen-Tan Sunless Tanner- I have been a tad bit too busy to even think about slowing down enough during the work day to write. I get to work at 9 and BAM...its 5:30.

Can I be honest for a second? 
I really dont know how everybody in the blog world does it. 

Some of you women have time to cook a 3 course meal for your husband, take pictures of every step and then write a blog post about it, while rocking a newborn baby to sleep at the same time. Some of you even have time to actually do that Pinterest craft that I will probably never get to in my lifetime involving tolietpaper rolls and hotglue. A hand full of you even have time to take pictures of your daily outfits, upload them to your computer and then edit them all for one blog post a week. First off, I commend you for having that many cute outfits to show off in a 7 day period. I need to come ransack all of your closets and steal half of yalls wardrobe for myself because if I did that weekly....It would be a hot mess.
But really....Where are all these bloggers finding the time to do all of this?! Am I missing out on 4 hours of the day that I dont know about??

To say the least....I am a jealous blogger. 

But I cant complain about being busy really. I have learned that if I am not busy and running around like a crazy person- then life just isnt as fun. This is also another reason why I love my husband so much. He loves being busy too. Sitting down for more then an hour is a difficult task for him. Some of you may call that ADHD but I call it attractive.

So as I sit here and type at 8:00 AM in the morning, I am learning that blogging for me is a hit and miss thing. I love to write and get my thoughts down- but it might just not happen as frequent as some of the blogs I enjoy reading. 

So if anybody can tell me where to find that extra 4 hours in the day, I would be most grateful. 


  1. I feel the same way. I think a lot of people put all their posts together when they have time, and then post them later on in the week. I haven't gotten that far yet ha, but maybe someday. I'm a jealous blogger too and I don't even have any children!

  2. Laughing reading your post. I don't work and some days I still find that it's a challenge to blog. And I will never do a Pinterest craft involving toilet paper rolls and hot glue!