Thursday, July 28, 2011

I spy something with 4 legs and a long body..

Well since the parentals have left me home alone once again, its been just me and Chloe-bear hanging out at the house. Between my parents being gone to San Fran and Seaside-my pup and I have bonded a lot.

And with that comes lots of random photo shoots of her.

{She doesn't mind though. I think she actually enjoys being in front of a camera!}

We have been on walks...played with her ball....andddddd she's uh been itchy?

If you know the Briscoe family at all then you know we are lovers of all things Dachshund. I think every member of my family has one! We are clearly stuck in our ways. 

Anywho- While stiffing through blogs one day-I came across one that makes me smile when its just been one of those days!

It's a blog all about this one woman, her dachshund and the adventures they take on a daily basis. She takes some of the funniest photos of this dog and really captures his personality! I honestly have no idea how in the world she gets that dog to sit still for longer then a second. Chloe doesn't do well with costumes or outfits. Come to find out she also has some of the cutest cards/magnets! These are two things that I ordered and got in the mail today!

This magnet reminded me so much of Chloe because she is also a lover of coffee just like her sister! In the mornings she can be found nose deep a good cold cup of coffee that my dad has left on the counter. If you don't catch her in the act-the coffee will be gone in 2.535 seconds- so you have to act fast!

I got this card for my brother while he is at camp. He's been gone all summer and im sure this will remind him of home :) Of'll be a letter from Chlo herself!

So go check out here sweet store and give you pup some love tonight. 


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