Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend.

For some reason it has been one of those weeks were I can’t seem to wake up no matter how many cups of coffee I have. 

I wake up in the mornings not feeling like P- Diddy but rather like somebody who has had a truck run over them numerous times. On my way to work I pass about 4 Starbucks that taunt me with their green and white round logo. Usually by the time I pass the 4th one- I give in to the temptation and stop to enjoy a delicious Carmel Brulee Latte and if I’m really in a good mood- maybe a cinnamon coffee cake.

Is it just me or does holding a warm Starbucks coffee cup in your hand make you feel like you can conquer any situation that gets thrown your direction?

I blame this subconscious notion of coffee on Hollywood. In movies and TV shows they make coffee seem like a necessity and a way to survive the harsh world we live in. They make it seem like as long as you have a coffee cup in your hand- nothing can touch you. For example- in the show Gilmore Girls- the character, Lorelei, has a coffee addiction and makes it seem trendy and cool to down about 5 cups a day. If that were reality and she really did down 5 cups a day- her teeth would have then been brown and nasty and, sadly for her, she wouldn’t be so trendy anymore. On NCIS, Special Agent Gibbs drinks the stuff all day long- and somehow solves a murder mystery about a Navy Seal in 30 minutes. We also see celebrities’ like Britney Spears downing the drug in every magazine we pick up and somehow she lands her own dedicated episode on Glee after dropping her kid and shaving her head?

So whether you blame it on the genius branding strategies of Starbucks, or just blame it on Hollywood- one thing is for sure- coffee, like rain, is a good thing and will always be around to make your day that much better.

Treat yourself to a warm cup today. You deserve it.

Keep it Classy World Conquerors. 

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