Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Blogger: Madaline Meatte!

Well hello! My name is Madaline and it's nice to meet you!
I write the little 'ole blog "designer. wife. regular person." and I'm the designer/creator of Paper Clouds!

It's funny how people meet through the blogging world.  Well, Bethany and I didn't really meet through the BLOGGING world.  But rather through the skype world.  See Bethany is BFF with Amy, and Amy and I worked at The Church at Rock Creek together.  Well, one day Bethany asked Amy, to ask me via Skype about something Graphic Design related...and I responded and asked Amy to ask Bethany another question...then Amy decided we just needed to skype on our own and quit annoying her.  And thats some what the story of Bethany and I.  We're addicted to skype and often times result to skyping, tweeting, facebooking, and sometimes texting all in the same day.  Can you say meant to be?  I say so!  Anyways, so while Bethany is out galavanting by the ocean, I thought I would stop by and introduce myself.

Did you know there are only 58 days until Christmas?  Yea, me neither! Oh. Mm. Gee.  I really feel like I need to get on my Christmas Shopping and Making!  Something my husband and I are really going to try and do this year is hand-make the majority of our gifts.  We're working hard to keep the spending at a minimum and put a little more thought into the gifts we give instead of a giftcard!  I know, I know some people say screw a handmade gift, gimme that giftcard! But I know just how much I love receiving a gift that someone has put a lot of thought into and I absolutely love doing the same for someone else.

Well, to help us out with our budgeting and handmade Christmas gift giving, I created a few little printables for myself, as well as for you guys!  One of the first things I wanted to do was...create a list.  I mean even Santa keeps a list!  It's essential!  Hopefully this will help you keep track of who you're buying gifts for, what you bought them, how much you spent on them and if you've wrapped it yet!

Second on the list is we hope that since we'll be working on spending a little LESS money on gifts this year, that we can spread the gifts out a little further!  Meaning -- co workers, friends, small group friends, pastors, mailman and neighbors!  We aren't going to go all out, but something simple like Homemade Praline Ice Cream Sauce, maybe a Citrus Salt Body Scrub and homemade Christmas Cookie Dough!  Now go on and tell me there isn't one of those that you MIGHT like to have given to you?  Thats what I thought!  So for all those yummies you're going to make for the gift of giving.  I'm including a printable that you can include with the recipe and a matching tag you can cut out and add to the outside!  I love making things pretty!  It's such a simple way to make such a big impact!

I hope these lovlies put you in the Christmas Spirit (Fa la la la la laaa!) and will maybe make you think a little more about giving handmade gifts!  P.S. I know where you can find some fabulously designed products that could give you a start! Paper Clouds and Red Robe Designs! (Don't forget Bethany's shop is on vacation until November 1st!  But go ahead and give her a favorite so you don't forget to check her out when she's back!)

Thanks for letting me stop by!  Come visit at my place!

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