Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday!

Hello Friends! It's that time again....Pinteresting Wednesday!!! I love when this day rolls around because its comforting to know that I only have 2 more days of the week left until the WEEKEND! Its crazy how much you really do live for Saturday and Sundays when you work full time! 

Alrighty...let's get going with some fun finds I found! 

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{This is AWESOME! I am so doing this once I Tyler and I get settled into our home!}


{I saw this and laughed out loud! So funny!}

{These bracelets are pretty amazing. I think I might need one...}

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{This picture just simply makes me smile. I have a weenie dog named Chloe and the Weenie Races are always something we joke about her doing!}

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{Im getting married in 16 days and I WILL be taking a photo like this with my Matron of Honor, Carly Beckham!}

What are some of YOUR favorite Pintrest finds! Link up with The Vintage Apple and join the fun today! 

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