Monday, October 31, 2011

Guest Blogger: Karis Crosby!

Good morning Red Robe Design readers! This is one of my absolute favorite blogs, so I’m really excited I get to be a guest here this week!
            I’m Karis Ann Crosby and I went to OBU with Bethany when she was a senior and I was a freshman. She was one of the reasons I pledged EEE at Ouachita, she walked me through my first (and last) pageant, and her apartment became my second home. It was so wonderful to be a part of her special day last weekend. It was such a breath-taking and sweet celebration! So, for my post today, I wanted to share with you Five Friday Favorites about Bethany’s wedding!

Weddings require months and books and lists and meetings and tastings and samples and fittings of planning. Or so I’ve heard.

1.  Grooms Survival Kit - Bethany is so creative, giving, and thoughtful. She took this survival kit idea and made it personal, full of Tyler’s favorites. This little extra gift is a witty and fun way to calm nerves and remind your groom that he is in your thoughts, on your heart, and you would pick him every time.

In case you can’t read from the picture, the Grooms Survival it includes:
                        -Socks keep cold feet away
                        -Lifesavers (the good fruity, gummy kind!) keep you from drowning in                         emotion.
                        -Bottle of Dr. Pepper keep your energy up
                        -Mints ensure a minty fresh kiss
                        -Ring Pops case you forget the essentials
                        -A Guitar Pick remind you that picked you and only you.

2.  First Glance- When I once saw a bridal party taking pictures after their first glance, my heart sank. Movie’s and stories all my life seemed to say, “it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” But have you ever noticed that in shows or movies where the couple see each other before the ceremony, it always seems to calm their nerves or bring them back to why this whole celebration is taking place to begin with? From what I observed this weekend and from what I’ve been told- first glance is an excellent idea for several reasons:
~it allows the couple and bridal party to have the majority of their pictures done before the wedding. Bethany was very intentional about wanting to be personal, wanting to recognize and thank everyone who came to celebrate her big day. Having her pictures done, for the most part, allowed her to greet more of her guests sooner.

~it gives the couple one moment for just the two of them. The whole wedding day is whirling with guests and family and photographers and so many people to see. But for their first glance, Tyler got to see his bride and his best friend for himself without 700 people watching. A moment just for the two of them.
 (annnd their first glance is captured by CandleLight Films...

~Lastly, I’ve heard that it helps with nerves! :)

3.  The Toneys and the Briscoes- I absolutely LOVE how close these two families have grown. Being with them is one of my favorite things! They are SO fun, inclusive, loving and unique! Their love for the Lord and godly relationships are evident and mirrored in Tyler and Bethany’s relationship. LOVE these families!!!

4.  Day of Rest- Instead of rushing straight off the honeymoon, Tyler and Bethany took a break on Saturday. They stayed in Texas and saw their families, made sure they had everything packed and simply rested after a weekend of craziness and ten months of planning. I think this is brilliant!

5.  Support and Love- It was so neat to see Bethany and Tyler supported by the people who have grown up with them, poured into them, and deeply care about them, their relationship, and their families. The celebration was so happy and included so many!!

P.S. Meant to bee :)

and they were meant to be. or bee. or bEEE.

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