Friday, October 14, 2011

It all started on a bus....

Well hello!!! Today is FRIDAY (Hallelujah...Praise the Lamb...Amen...Can I get a witness?!)

{{Why are you SO excited Bethany?...We get a Friday everyday of the week?!....}}

Well I'm glad you ask. You see TODAY marks the last friday I will have as being Bethany Lynne Briscoe.

Because I get married in......

7 days.

One week.

1/4 of a month.

And THAT my friends is something to be excited about. 

I decided that for my next couple of blog post- I would tell the story of how me and my fiancé met because its not your typical "boy meets girl" love story but its OUR story and I love it.


It all started on the way back home from Prestonwood’s Student Beach Camp trip.  At the time I was dating somebody else and preoccupied with rehashing the whole week with him while my best friend Carly sat directly behind me reading magazines and sticking her head between the seats every now and then to chime into our conversation.

If you have ever been on any kind of youth camp trip you know that the ride home is pure bliss torture. 

Let me paint the picture for you if you have never experienced this wonderful event: 

You have just been on this amazing trip where you have gotten zero hours of sleep. Saturday evening rolls around and every sunburnt, smelly kid piles on a tiny bus where you are forced to watch movies like "A Bugs Life" or "Field of Dreams" till 3AM in the morning until kids around you finally start falling asleep. (Boys in the back, girls in the front of course *wink*) But if you want to fall asleep and be STAY asleep you need to get creative. Sleeping on a bus is a tricky thing. You are sitting in these rainbow patterned cloth seats (that were always super ugly...who came up with those designs anyway?!) and no matter which way you turned your body, you could never ever get comfortable enough to fall into a deep sleep. Boys who hadn't hit there major grow spurt yet would end up climbing into the luggage wracks and sleeping inside of them. 


Sounds crazy, but desperate times calls for desperate measures people. 

Around 5AM kids start to wake up because the bright sun is beaming into our bus windows like we just walked up to the Pearly Gates of Heaven themselves and before we know it we are stopped at a random gas station in a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere for a healthy breakfast of champions. Our choices? Either a) donuts and Gatorade b) Honeybun's and chocolate milk. After this particular breakfast stop- the guys and girls are allowed to sit next to each other again. So of course, I quickly scramble to sit by my boyfriend. After getting settled in, I turn around to Carly to ask her to pass me the latest Seventeen magazine when I noticed a tan guy with shaggy curly hair sitting next to her. I had never seen him before so I gave Carly a “who in the world is that?” look. She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Not thinking much of it we soon arrived back at Prestonwood. Tired, sunburnt and a bit cranky from the lack of sleep, I turned to this tan mystery boy and asked him to pass my bag to me from the top compartment. He handed me my bag, looked at me and just simply said, “Hey your 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Estes, right?” I gave him a funny look (because he was right) and in a not- so- friendly tone replied, “Um yes…and who are you again?”

 He smiled, handed me my bag and said, “Oh sorry, I’m Tyler Toney."

To be continued...

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