Sunday, October 16, 2011

It all started on a bus....Part 3!

College came sooner then I had expected that summer and before I knew it I was driving off to a little town in Arkansas to attend Ouachita Baptist University and start a whole new chapter of my life. Carly was on her way to College Station to attend A&M and Tyler was just starting his big senior year at Prosper High School. He was the starting quarter back of the football team that year so I figured that our friendship would just simply fade off quietly because our lives were getting so busy and going in such separate directions. Carly and him weren't "dating" anymore but we still all three remained super close and it showed whenever we all came home from breaks or on random weekends.

Just like that summer, we always ended up in Prosper hanging out till early morning hours.

I had since broken up with my summer camp boyfriend (*tear*...not) so these late nights were easier to come by and being best friends with a guy wasn't so "weird" anymore (or for the time being).

For the next 4 years of our college careers we dated each others friends, went through breakups's and makeups together, attending each other school events and even made time for fun weekend at the ranch together. Tyler was no doubt my best friend but I never let the thought of anything more cross my mind.  Sure, boyfriends at the time thought it was the strangest concept ever and maybe it was... but I didn't care one bit.

In high school I was always every guys "friend" and never anything more. I don't like to think that I was some loser- I just wasn't throwing myself out there like a lot of girl were at the time. So it was totally okay for me to have "a best guy friend"...It was the norm for me.

It wasn't until the end of my senior year at Ouachita did everything start to click for me. Call it a God ordained thought or purely a weak moment, but I actually let the thought of Tyler being my boyfriend creep into my brain for a slight second kinda like I did that summer night at his house 4 year earlier.....but this time, the feeling was way stronger. I sighed and thought....

"It could totally work out.....right....?"


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