Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Blogger: Amy Lynn Wentz!

Hey guys!! I am so excited to be a guest blogger for my best friend, Bethany!! My name is Amy Lynn and I met Bethany my freshman year at Ouachita Baptist University! (the best school on the planet) She lived on the same hall as me in the freshman dorm and I have to admit... my first thoughts of Bethany weren't the absolute best. But let me explain :)

You see.. she, her roommate (Megan) and her suitemate (Meredith) were preparing for one of the TWIRP nights at Ouachita and they were all out in the hall taking pictures. The night was 50s themed so they had their cute little poodle skirts on with their cute tops and their initials pinned to their tops. Like true 50s girls. Call it it what you want.. but I took one look at them and rolled my eyes, saying out loud "Oh those Texas girls..." Little did I know, that those Texas girls would end up being some of my best friends!! Thankfully, the Lord changed my heart about Texas :) I love it - especially Dallas!!

Well I'm not here today to tell you mine and Bethany's whole history of our friendship. That would probably take too long! But what I AM here to tell you about is what's "in" for this fall. Whether its clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags - let this be your shopping guide for your fall looks.

I have put together some outfits thanks to! What a great source for fashion!! Granted - most of the stuff on there is way to expensive to be anywhere near practical. But there are lots of pieces that you can find somewhere like XXI for much cheaper! :)




I hope you enjoyed my guest post! Feel free to visit me anytime over at! :)

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