Saturday, October 15, 2011

It all started on a bus....Part 2!

After stepping off the bus and still being so confused on how this mystery guy new who my 1st grade teacher was...I found my parents and then spent the next 20 minutes trying to find my luggage.

After youth camps, Prestonwood always encourages every student to attend one of the two church services and wear our camp t-shirts. I met up with Carly that morning to scope out where all of our friends were going to sit when she suddenly grabs my arm and goes "There he is! That guy! The guy from the bus!" I glance up to see the shaggy haired guy surrounded by a group of kids I had never seen before.

" Did you guys give each other your numbers?" (Because thats how you did it before the crazy world of Facebook stalking hit)

"No, I was so confused why he didn't give it to me?! I mean we talked the entire way back?!" 

I laughed as we found our seats and knew that getting this guys number wasn't only HER mission it was now MY mission as well being the best friend that I am.

Before I knew it, Carly and I were in a car driving to the town of Prosper to help our mentor (who just so happen to be friends with Tylers mom) set up food for a women's bible study that night. The plan was to help bring food to the bible study (bc that plate of cookies was WAY to heavy for one person to carry *wink*)  and while they were doing their thing we would go over to Tylers house where his family hosted a bible study for youth at the same exact time.

Listen, we did our research...can you tell? 

The problem? We knew nobody there. We were from Plano and all of these kids were from Prosper and it was extremely obvious what are intentions were for randomly showing up.

We plopped ourselves in the lawn chairs and watch as all the other kids ran around, jumped on the trampoline and chatted about the latest small town gossip.

"You owe me BIG TIME for coming with you to this Carly", I laughed and said. "These people have to think we are insane for randomly showing up like this!"Around that same time, Tyler walks in the house from basketball practice and comes outside to say hi to us with his tan skin glowing and shaggy hair all in his face.

Maybe Carly was onto something when going to great lengths to get his number?...Orrr maybe it's just the Texas heat getting to my head? Yeah probably that...

I shook off the thought and quickly turned to formally introduce myself since our first encounter wasn't so pleasant. "Hi I'm Bethany....We had the same 1st grade teacher remember?"

From that moment on... Tyler, Carly, me and a handful of Tyler's friends became inseparable. We spent everyday of that summer hanging out and driving back and forth to Prosper burning more gas then I ever want to know.

In my opinion, it was the best way to end our last summer before heading off to college. Little did I know that it was just the start of a friendship that would only get stronger every year from that summer on...

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