Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Blogger: Carly Beckham!

I wanted to keep my blog rolling and alive while I was soaking up the sun on my honeymoon to Antigua with my now HUSBAND! Man it feels good to say that!

Todays guest post is Carly Beckham! 

I met Carly when we were both in elementary school at Prestonwood Baptist Church. And ever since then we have literally been best friends. She has stood by my side my entire life and this past weekend I had the privilege to have her stand by my side as my Matron of Honor. :) 

Carly isn't a regular blogger but she IS a newlywed! Her and her husband Eric got married this past June and are now living in Houston (which I'm STILL getting use to!)


Since Bethany is gone on her honeymoon, I thought I'd share about my husband and I's honeymoon from a few months ago! (And get to relive it a little too)

It was the most fun and memorable vacation I've ever been on and it went by so quickly! We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I quickly learned how adventurous my husband was.. Scary adventurous. As in, I'm in a foreign country and my husband is speaking a language I don't understand to a man we don't know, getting directions to a beach we don't have any clue where it is and getting on a bus with no air conditioning going 70 mph and not stopping at red lights, and once we get there- a man plays the didgeridoo for us for like half an hour..

Or playing with baby jaguars after signing a "release form" in another language,

Or jumping in water where "they saw sharks here" or searching for the most "authentic" Mexican food we could find even if it took us to the sketchiest locations just to find a diamond in the rough,

and jumping off tiny platforms hundreds of feet in the air to the instructions of yet again a language I didn't understand . That's kind of what the week was like. But I've never laughed so hard, seen so many gorgeous views, or experienced anything like that week and it was all with my best friend!

I know Bethany and Tyler are having the same kind of week we had and I can not wait to hear all about it when she gets back! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. carly, u should be a regular blogger! love seeing your face here! :)

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