Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picture catchup and Rangers game!

This is going to be one packed blog full of PICTURES! I am so bad about dumping the photos off my camera onto my computer so when I do, I tend to have a lot to share!

{Im not sure if you are aware- but my fiancé is a watermelon artist. This piece is called "Fruit Basket". He showed off his skills at my dads 50th birthday get together!}

{Brandon and Ty after entertaining us with tricks off the diving board for about an hour. They were out of control!}

Last night me, Meredith, and both our dads went to the Rangers game last night! And boy was is HOT outside! I hadn't been to a game in forever so it was a neat treat! Check out some pictures from the game:

{Oh look who we ended up finding at the game!}

{My two favorite people}

{Tyler eating all my cotton candy...go figure.}

{Mer and I after during the 7th inning! We were soaked in sweat at this point!}

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