Thursday, August 25, 2011

It must be Ok....since its a Thursday!

Today I am linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for "Its Ok" Thursdays! I LOVE LOVE this idea and will be linking up weekly! So join the fun with me- why dontcha ya!


-ITS OK that I wear the same denim jacket every week to work and my soon-to-be husband would rather set it on fire then have me wear it again.

-ITS OK that by 5PM everyday my Iphone is down to 10% battery life because I am addicted to childish app games...

-ITS OK for me to eat one...or two...or three pieces of fudge while being on my "wedding diet"

-ITS OK that I wear sunglasses on my head all day like its the next hottest hair accessory.

-ITS OK that I already have my future dogs' name picked out (Sadie Lynne) along with how the furry pup will be presented to me  (Christmas Day- in a giant red stocking with its paws hanging out)

- ITS OK that I have fallin' in love with my dorky clip on book light and use it every night before hitting the pillow

-ITS OK that my room sometimes looks like an episode of Hoarders

-ITS OK that I have an odd obsession with Taylor Swift and cried when I got concert tickets.


  1. I can totally relate to having my sunglasses on top of my it's like my own little accessories. I had fun reading the "it's okay" :)

  2. Wow! I could have written this myself! Except for Ms Swift.
    My Jacket is a grey pink & white kinda workout one

    My phone is ALWAYS in the red!! I am totally addicted to Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Tiny Wings, & of course words with friends!

    "Wedding Diet" check or uncheck lol


  3. I wear my sunglasses on my head constantly too. Sometimes they are good when you are having a bad hair day ;) Thanks for linking up!