Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Ok Thursday!

- To still have your mom aka: "The Cleaning Fairy"  clean your room when your having 
a crappy day at work.
- To think that your dog will live forever.
- To have "mental health days"
- To write your last name as much as you can, anywhere you can since you only have 
22 more days to write it.
- To have not only a countdown to your wedding day on your phone but right next to 
it have a countdown to when you get to see your best friend!
- To already be dreaming up what I want my first Christmas tree to look like
- Check twitter the second you open your eyes in the morning to make sure you didn't 
miss out on anything after you went to bed.
-To only have one thing on the brain when I come home from work- Catch up on GOSSIP GIRL!
- To be extremely antsy about moving into me and Tylers NEW HOME tomorrow! eek! 


  1. i love that several of these we talked about yesterday.

    just remember all dogs go to heaven.

  2. Remembering my new last name when I got married was so hard. Ha! It took 6 months to finally get it right.