Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh hey- I'm back!

Wow talk about taking a little blog vacation! My life has been slightly busy lately with wedding stuff, house building, work, and side projects but I finally feel like I have my head screwed on right! Just a little update on whats been going on with me....

1_ I have 23 days until I am officially Bethany Lynne Toney and married to my best friend.
2_ This Friday Tyler and I close on our very first home and start moving in everything! 
3_ I went to Arkansas this past weekend and had a wonderful shower with even more wonderful friends.
4_I have been knee deep in designing and printing wedding invitations for some pretty cool girls who also have weddings coming up at the end of this year!

Now it wouldn't be a Wednesday without some Pintrest pictures right?! So let the fun begin and link up with The Vintage Apple! 

I have GOT to try this when it starts getting super chilly here!

{Personalized Chevron Thank You Cards with Return Address Label!}
These were made by my good friend Madaline over at Paper Clouds for my shower this past weekend and I absolutely dig them. Check her out if you haven't yet!

{One day, when I have time, I want to take an old beat up dresser and make it into something pretty like this!}

{I have become slightly obsessed with putting bling on my own shoes...Its such a fun project and to me, super relaxing! I can't wait to show all of y'all my latest project!}

NOTE: I will be out for my honeymoon next month and I am looking for guest bloggers for October 24th-28th! If you are interested in participating in this just email me at! :)

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