Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great weekend + Giveaway...Holla.

So can this weather get ANY better?! 

Waking up on Monday (to no alarm might I add) and to weather that was in the 70's was BLISS! Don't get me wrong- I love summer but ever since I started working full time and summer break is now a far distance memory....Fall has now been bumped up to my favorite season of the year. 

This past weekend was a long one for me because on Friday I took the day off of work and headed to Canton Trade Days with the family for the very first time!! It was so much fun and I ended up walking away with a lot of crafting ideas and some pretty good items to put in the new home!

Speaking of new home- Tyler and I found out that we will be closing on our home oh so very soon and when I say soon I mean by the END of this month!! This week they are putting in the carpet and wood floors and turning on the air conditioning! :) Its so funny how just in a years time- I went from getting excited about things like rush week at college to getting excited about carpet and wood floors being put into a home.

My oh my how things can change. :)

On a completely different note I wanted to point out that I have a giveaway going on over at Yellow Songbirds blog! So go check it out and you might just win a 8x10 print! :) 

Have a lovely Tuesday y'all.

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