Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some pretty exciting stuff.

This past weekend my bestie and roommate of 4 years got MARRIED! Woo hoo! I am a horrible bridesmaid/friend and literally took ZERO pictures that weekend. I couldn't find my point and shoot and therefore said,
"Oh no worries- I just use my iPhone camera."

.....Well Saturday night rolled around and how many pictures did I take? Zero. Best friend fail right here. 

So I will leave you with a picture of Megan and Braeden and let you swoon over how photogenic they are and watch their amazing wedding video. 

Ready. Set. Swoon. 

Braeden, now Megans husband, is a super sweet photographer on top of being a great guy for my roomie and here is the link to his website! I couldn't NOT do a little plug for him on here, so go check it outttttt.

Well...I would be a bad fiancé if I DIDNT mention something else that is SUPER exciting to not only me but also for 5 other really awesome guys.

The GO BIG: Make You Shot Count in the Connected World Dude Perfect book has HIT stores and Amazon.com!

"It began with a free sandwich, a simple camera, and twenty “I can do better than you” shots. From that afternoon of friendly competition, six college guys created Dude Perfect, a YouTube group that specializes in the craziest basketball shots you can imagine. Within months, the guys went from shooting backyard trick shots to starring in GMC truck commercials and standing on an L.A. Red Carpet. Listed by Advertising Age as one of YouTube’s Hottest Brands, Dude Perfect’s videos have reached and inspired hundreds of millions with one contagious message—the very phrase they championed from day one—Go Big. By leveraging the connected world, Dude Perfect’s dream became a reality, and now, they want the same for you. Written by one of the dudes himself, Go Big tells their story and unveils their secret: five practical principles for taking your passions, skills, and dreams to the next level. Are you ready to Go Big?"

I am so proud of these guys! They have worked so hard these past couple of years and now YOU, the reader, get a little inside look on everything DP.

Oh and what is that I see??! My name in a REAL book?!! 

Im such a celebrity now. 


So what are you waiting for?! Go get yourself the new Dude Perfect "GO BIG" book :)

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