Thursday, September 1, 2011

"It's OK" Thursday!!

Good morning blog friends! Today is Thursday, which means the following things: 

A) Its technically my Friday since I'm taking tomorrow off to head to Canton Trade Days with my parents B) I have only 50 more days until I marry my best friend 
C) Its time to link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup!! WOOP!

{{ IT'S OKAY... }}

To be going through a slight withdrawal/ period of depression bc your bestie Amy got a new job that no longer allows her to Skype with me from 8-5 everyday.

To date countless numbers of guys who you think are "the one" until you realize that the guy your suppose to marry has been under your nose the entire time. 

To drink Starbucks on a daily basis.

To cry when watching SPCA commercials....every...single...freaking....time.

To be 23 years old and still text your mom 3 different times asking her when she will be home because you have a major phobia of being alone in the house.

To watch Save By the Bell every single morning and secretly wish neon clothes and bold crazy prints were back in style.

To buy a pair of high wasted bell bottom corduroy pants from Anthropologie because your other bestie said "they would be in this fall"

To have to google the word "corduroy" because you have no earthly idea how to spell it. 

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1 comment:

  1. you should get an alarm installed in your new house...its good peace of mind when you're home, and even when you're not home.

    i've seen every episode of saved by the bell...probably 10 times...not a lie.

    i wish i could pull of a side pony and legging shorts like kelly can.