Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday...Friday..Gatta Get down on Friday.

I found this link up party through my friend Caroline over at {good times never sam sew good...}! I have always enjoy thumbing through her Instagram pictures every Friday and thought I would participate too since I take SO many photos on my phone myself! 

{Well after many hours of stuffing and packaging...the wedding invitation have got OUT! Praise the Lamb! We have already started receiving tons of RSVP cards and its starting to become something I look forward opening everyday!}

{I decided to make pancakes one morning. *Gasp, SHE COOKED!?* Why yes, yes I did...with the little help of my dad of course :) Baby steps steps...}

{My friend Amy over at All Things Girl brought me a set of coasters one weekend that she came to visit! They are so cute and of course I had to try and make them on my own! Here are all my materials that I used...But note: spray adhesive is NOT what you want to get..found that one out the hard way! ha!}

{This is my pup Chloe. She is a 10 year old Dachshund who becomes OBSESSED with any toy that even closely resembles a squirrel. We found her that fluffy looking thing at the local pet store and I don't think its left her mouth since.}

Happy Friday! Hope you have a GREAT weekend! 

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