Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilts are not just for your Grandma.

So my birthday is in Apri but my mom has a problem of giving me my birthday gifts SUPER early because  she gets so excited about them! This year I got my very own EEE t-shirt quilt made by a family friend who is amazingly talented with this! As many of you know, when your in a social club or sorority you can acquire tons and tons of t-shirts from every event from every week it seems! This is the perfect solution to saving all the shirts from being stuffed in the back of your closet or thrown into a cardboard box somewhere!

Well I just had to share since i'm absolutely in love with it!! She even added a fun pattern on the back and tassels on the front to give it a special touch! :) 


  1. LOVE IT! I made mine a couple of months ago! It's sooooo comfy! :)

  2. I love this!!! I've been wanting to do something with my shirts! Great idea!!!

  3. i LOVE this! I want to make one, but that's totally outside of my creative abilities!