Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First "Tickle Me Tuesday"!

I was so excited to find out this week that that I won the giveaway of a $20 dollar ITunes gift card off my friend Amys blog All Things Girl! Amy is very much a fashion forward thinker and is always talking about the latest trends and combination of accessories that will make you look and feel beautiful! Go check out and follow her blog if you already don't!

So today is Tickle Me Tuesday and here are a few items that I am LOVING this week! :) 

This is a design done by Tank and Tink on Etsy! I just LOVE this 4X6 print that says "I Design Stuff". Being a graphic designer myself, people ALWAYS ask..."So what do you do exactly??", and I always respond with "Uh I design stuff!" So when I saw this I just KNEW I needed to have it! There is also so many other awesome prints for sale that ive already got my eye on in her store! So go check it out!

These orange "Tribal Earrings" from Francesca's are some of my favorite right now! They are perfect for spring and for adding a little extra color to your outfit! If you know me...you know im all about the BIG and fun earrings! 

Something else that I am LOVING this week is seeing my Miss Arkansas evening gown dress in the Toney Bowls Spring 2011 Collection! Such an honor!! On a side note: I am in the process of selling all my pageant wear so message me on Facebook if you are interested in any of my dresses and swimsuits :) I promise to give a good deal!  

So what is tickling your fancy today???
Hope ya'll have a fabulous Tuesday! Keep it Classy friends.. 


  1. When I scrolled down to see that dress, I KNEW it looked familiar!...& now I know why! HOW FUN!?!

  2. Kati- It is so fun!! :D Now if I could only sell the one I have!! haha

    Caroline- Im so obsessed with her prints! She inspired me to make some quote prints as well!