Monday, March 7, 2011

Mad Hatter Mondays.

I don't know about you but on Monday's I sometimes feel a bit like Alice and Wonderland's quirky character: The Mad Hatter.

Mondays, although they come every 7 days, seem to always catch me off guard. I get so caught up in the weekend bliss that when my 6:30 AM alarm screams at me-I begin to go a little "mad." Since I have a love/hate relationship with my snooze button, my "get ready" time in the morning is always cut short which, sadly, always makes for a rushed morning. If you know me at all, you know that one of my big things is that I absolutely can not stand to be rushed. One of my more famous "mad moments" was when I was being rushed to go eat dinner with some friends and I turned around and said loudly "I DO THINGS ON MY OWN TIME!" From that moment...My poor friends did indeed let me do things on my own time but never let me live that moment down. I will admit that it wasn't one of my most loving and patient moments but I do blame it on a combination of lack of sleep mixed with low blood sugar from an adderall induced day.

We all have days like this....days where life throws crazy obstacles your way that sometimes make you feel a little crazy by the end of it. The beautiful thing about this is that God always provides another day to start all over again with. It's kinda like you get to hit the "refresh" button.

But before I end- let me make something clear..."Mad Hatter Mondays" is not always going to be a blog post of me venting or griping about something that is making me go crazy. It could be anything "mad" that I find interesting that week. Like for example....Charlie Sheen. He is a mad man. OR this article on two people getting married over Skype due to a unexpected illness is plain madness to me. Get where im going with this?

So what makes you go "mad" or what is something "mad" that you have come across lately?? 

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  1. "I DO THINGS ON MY OWN TIME!!!" ::::slowly walk away:::: that was a scary moment for me. lucky for you, I still love you :) haha