Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ode to my hippie brother.

Happy 20th Birthday Brandon! 

{How cute...we match. Thanks mom.}

Its hard to believe that my little brother is turning 20 today!! In my head he should still be the short chunky red headed kid who plays with Pokemon cards and does Karate! haha (he might kill me for saying that!) Right now Brandon and my dad are on a three day backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon for his spring break. Now some of you might be thinking that hiking through the Grand Canyon isn't really much of a relaxing vacation....but to Brandon...it is. He is my little free spirit hippie and I love him for it! 

{This is us at Rosemary Beach a few years back! It's one of my favorite pictures of us!}

{This is Brandon and his lovely girlfriend, Karis. I like her. :)}


{Brandon is also a model part time....haha jk jk...but isn't he handsome?!}

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