Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful Mess.

I get inspired by things that I encounter on a daily basis. I believe anybody who has any creative juices flowing throughout their body does. A lot of the times my prints are inspired by things I hear people say throughout my day. If I hear somebody say something catchy- I usually quickly take note of it since I tend to be somewhat of a forgetful person. (shocking I know!)

This print was inspired by the feeling I use to get when walking into OBUs Art Building. This building is one of the oldest on campus and looks it. When you walk through the doors it doesn't look like anything special until you hit the 2nd floor, the art department. The rooms are filled with messy floors with paint splattered all over the place and walls filled with ripped up paper used for drawing and sketches. Its a mess- but to the right eye...Its a beautiful mess. :) 

If you know me- you know I have a sick obsession with coffee. Mainly Starbucks coffee. I have tried again and again to switch over to the generic stuff they have at my office- but I just can't do it. To me to tastes like dirt. So if you have any suggestions to amazing coffee blends that don't break the bank- im all ears. This phrase "Decaffeinated Coffee is the Devils Blend." actually came from a quote I found online one day while searching for other alternatives to Starbucks coffee (see people, I try!!) This quote is so true though. On days when I don't have caffeinated anything- I feel like I drag and my day turns out to be nothing but nice. 

This poster was inspired by my brother Brandon or as I like to call him my "red headed hippie" or my 
"little free spirit". Brandon is somebody who doesn't follow the crowd. He knows what he believes in and sticks by it- no matter what the cost. It's an attribute that I sometimes wish I had. Brandon dares to be different everyday and I love it. :)

What inspirers you? 

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  1. Love the decaf coffee phrase. Sadly, that's all I can drink now, so it's better than NO coffee :)