Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh hey March.

Can y'all believe its ALREADY March??? Time flies. Goodness. 

The month of March is one that is full of exciting birthdays that I will be featuring later on. :) 

But for those of you who don't know...  Today is Justin Bieber's Birthday and he is turning the big 1-7. (Still too young for me...darn.) 

Now, I normally wouldn't blog about this kid but after seeing his movie, "Never Say Never" with my 9th grade girls during our D-Now weekend- I've become a Bieber Believer. This kids story is one that is a inspiring and motivating and it really does make you appreciate his teeny bopper music a little bit more. So I would encourage you to go see it if you already haven't...its worth the 8 bucks! 

 I also follow this teenage heart throb on Twitter and I was so inspired to see what he was doing instead of getting birthday gifts! Check it out.... 

He has already raised $28,711.23 and counting surpassing his $17,000 goal! Celebrity or not...That is pretty cool. I never realized how many people go without clean water on a daily basis. We take little things like that for granted everyday without even realizing it. The video on the website is such an eye opener!

Well I just realized that I basically have a blog post dedicated to Justin Bieber. I wasn't intending for that in anyway but it is what it is! 

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