Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I found my Santa Paws.

Its always sad for me to see all the Christmas decorations go down. For some reason the room always looks somewhat empty after shoving that tree into its cardboard box and sweeping up all the glitter from the ornaments and decorations. This year was me and Ty's very first Christmas as a married couple. Not only was the holiday that much more special because I got to share Christmas with TWO families that I love- but because I also got a...... {{drum roll please}}


If you know me at all- You know that for the past several months I have had a bad case of puppy fever. I would sit on google all day and just type in the phrase "cute puppies" and swoon for hours over these adorable furry pets that I dreamed of having on day.

After work on Thursday (the 29th)- I came home and collapsed onto my bed. I was beyond ready for some R&R and a long weekend to sleep in and do nothing. Tyler had told me that morning that he was going to be home later since his work was having a Christmas cookout- so when he rolled in around 6:30 I didn't think too much about it. He walked into the bedroom- tossed a mailer envelope at me and said "Did you order something online again?" In my head I was thinking "crap I'm caught" UNTIL I noticed that the envelope wasn't from an etsy shop or one of my favorite department stores, but rather from the North Pole?!

I look up at Tyler and see that he is filming with his moms camera. I start to open the package and inside found a red collar with the name "Sadie" on it. Tyler had done such a good job of convincing me that I WASNT going to get a puppy for awhile that I still thought him giving this to me was one of his cruel jokes. He told me to go look around the house for her. Immediately, I figured out that it wasn't a joke and jumped out of my bed like lightening.  I ended up finding her in the guest bathtub snoozing away looking cuter than ever! I, of course, started crying and jumping up and down like I had just won a million dollars.

So enjoy a ton of pictures of my cute 7 week old black puppy lab... Sadie Swift Toney.

{She loves playing with Jesse! They are slowly becoming BFF's!}

I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in one of my besties wedding on New Years Eve in Little Rock, AR! That night after her dinner rehearsal, all the girls headed back to the hotel to spend a little more time with the bride and shower her with more goodies :) Little did we know, the bride and another one of the bridesmaid had ANOTHER surprise for us! Not only was Kate getting married, but our best friend Brooke is PREGNANT! We are so excited for her and Warren and can't wait to start having baby showers watch Brooke's belly grow! :) Kate knew ahead of time and had this lovely cake made to announce the news to us. Sneaky sneaky... 

Last night, the whole Toney family plus Tylers grandparents and Paiges boyfriend Andrew, went to the Mavs game!! It was so much fun and I loved watching them pull a victory! And yes, I had my eyes glued to see Khloe Kardashian, but had no luck sadly. 

So now that you are all caught up on my life- How was  YOUR Christmas and New Years??? 

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