Friday, January 27, 2012

Adventures of a Nugget.

So many of y'all know- I got the cutest puppy in the entire world a couple days before Christmas-
 Sadie Swift Toney.

And she has stolen my heart. <3 <3

....and taken over my photo album on my phone.

So today, I decided to dump share some of those photos with you.

These are a series of pictures that I like to call

Adventures of a Nugget.

Every morning, Sadie helps Mom put on her makeup. She's such a good helper. 

This is look I get when I tell her "No little nugget- Blush brushes are not for eating." 

Uhhh why mom? I likes the ways they taste!

Sadie is learning how to sit in her own seat in the car...Because yes, Sadie goes everywhere with me. I am THAT dog owner. Don't judge.

This is Sadies BFF for life- Jesse. They like to lick each others mouths and sniff each others butts. Like I said- BFF for life.

Sadie enjoys mornings with mommy before she has to leave for work. 

Me and the hubs are trying to leash train lil nugget butttttt her feet get tired about half way around the park and dad decides to carry her like a sacrificial lamb. Totes normal.

This is also totes normal. Me in Sadies bed with her. Just a typical night at my parents house :) 

Happy Friday. We made it to the weekend. *sigh*

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