Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh my, How Pinteresting!!

Oh how I love Pinteresting Wednesdays! Even though Christmas is just around the corner (SCORE!! HIGH FIVE!) I still think its fun to share with all my readers things I am {CRUSHIN'} on hardcore. 

So let the fun begin.

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{I am lurving...just LURVING..this! The hubs and I have a home in the middle of a "developing neighborhood", which basically means we are getting to know the workers building the homes around us VERY well. As I was leaving for work this morning, I spotted a crate similar to this next to house being built to the right of us and mentally decided that if it was still their after I get home- I will steal it to my project needs. Muaha.}

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{I am in no way shape or form....a cook. And I don't mind admitting that. But for somebody who is challenged in the kitchen...THIS was the perfect recipe for me. Its simple and will totally make your house guest think your related to Paula Deen. No bread maker?? NO WORRIES! You don't need one! Check it out y'all...Your taste buds will thank you later.}

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{The backyard has been one area of the house that I have neglected. Maybe its because its cold or maybe because I don't have a dog...But I NEVER go out there. But the day that I DO...I would like to make some pots that look like this! I have some stencils left over from when i did my major STENCIL WALL DECOR project (which you can check out here!) so I think ill make some good use out of them!}

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{This is such a neat blog for helping you figure out what you want to do with all your different sized frames! Im wanting to do something like this in my study but couldn't think of a neat way to hang them! WA-LA! This blog solves all those problems!}

What are some things YOU'RE crushing on today??? 

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  1. It's funny you say that about the crate, because I'm the same way! When I see pallets anywhere, I always want to go take it, so I cane make something! That bread looks delicious! And the pots are gorgeous! And that blog is a great too! = )

    New follower! = )