Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dude Perfect

So I figured that since I am the girlfriend of one of the Dude Perfect members (the one with the beard)- it was about time that I blogged about these 6 amazing guys.

Unless you have been living in a hole for the past year- you have most likely seen a Dude Perfect video on your TV or computer screen. They are a group of guys from Texas A&M who have turned a fun past time into something that has taken the YouTube world by storm.

Here are some things DP have been a part of recently:

-They have made appearances on the CBS Early Morning Show, Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America and have even made the homepage of Yahoo and MSN.
-They teamed up with Tyreke Evans for his recent Rookie of the Year Campaign and had the opportunity to walk the red carpet and attend the ESPY’s Award Show.
-They even had the chance to work with GMC on their Heavy Duty Pick-Up Games Campaign and shoot a series of commercials for them that then aired during the NBA Finals.

Just when you think these guys have done it all- they go bigger than before. Recently, they have put out 2 new exciting basketball shots that will literally blow your mind. So check them out here and here

One thing that sets these 6 guys apart is not only there strange ability to chunk a basketball into a net but, most importantly, the Faith and relationship with Jesus Christ that each of them hold. I have been around these guys a lot in the past year and the one thing that stands true is that each of them “talks the talk- and walks the walk”.  I believe this is a huge reason why God has continued to bless their ministry and build up the DP brand.

These guys have some incredible things coming up in the next couple of months and to be one of the first to hear about it follow them on twitter here. Trust me- you don’t want to miss out.

Also- Check out the official Dude Perfect website here to watch all the videos and learn about each member of the group! Soon they will have the official DP merchandise up and running on the site so you can purchase your own pink hat like the one my brother is sporting here….

Call me a proud girlfriend, call me a groupie, call me what you want. I have no shame. :) 

Keep it Classy Dude Perfect Fans... 

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