Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

"1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." 

Today is the day that Christopher Columbus supposedly discovered America and also discovered that the world wasn't indeed flat. I don't think many people blog about this particular day or really even care about it - but in honor of forgotten Columbus Day- I have decided to give you a list of things I have "discovered" about myself over the years:

- I discovered that my middle name had an "E" on the end of it when I got my drivers permit. I went from Bethany Lynn Briscoe to Bethany Lynne Briscoe in a matter of seconds. It blew my mind. 
- I discovered at a shady carnival in College Station that I am now too old to ride the Starship 3000 without feeling like I am going to toss my cookies for the next 2 hours of my life.
- I discovered that the saying "when you know- you just know" is actually a valid and very true statement.
- Over the past year I have discovered that I cant lay on my stomach without getting up and feeling like I have a steel rod for a spine. Getting older: check.
- I discovered the moment I came home from college that my dog had forgotten who I am and continues to forget every morning while she barks at me like a bird.
- I discovered a couple days ago that those cameras on top of intersection lights really do work. 
- I discovered that I cant put my mascara on in the same mirror as I do the rest of my makeup. Its true people...I cant make this stuff up. 
- I discovered that its possible to make it through a boot camp without wanting to puke, faint or die. In that order. 
- I discovered that your ears dont burn when people talk about you. 
- I discovered that SPCA commercials make me bawl like a baby....every....freaking....time. 

So there ya go. Just some small discoveries I have made that might spark your interest. Enjoy your Columbus Day and go discover something. :) 

Keep It Classy Columbus Day Lovers... 


  1. Okay, so we totally don't know each other and I hope that doesn't weird you out, but I used to go to OBU (my freshman and sophomore year) and was in choir with Amy Wentz... apparently a very close friend of yours. I came across your blog from hers.

    This "Discovery" entry on Columbus day was super creative and fun!

    And I have to admit, I used to be the same way with my mascara.... I had to move to a bigger mirror and literally sit in the sink to put it on.

    And I totally said aww (outloud - big nerd) when I read "when you know, you just know".... that's precious and exciting!!

    Anywho, just thought i'd share that I enjoyed your post! Have a good evening!

  2. No girl- Anyone who went to OBU for any period of time is a friend of mine :) I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! Its just something I just started doing and so im trying to stay faithful with it! Also- its good to know that im not the only one who does that while putting on mascara! :)

  3. First - I love that Megan commented on here :) she's awesome and is a fellow blogger!

    Second - like your mother stated on your facebook, you are and will be one of the funniest people I know!!!

    Third - I love this entry :)