Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things- Edition 2

Every now and then I come across products, clothes and jewelry that I can't stop using or wearing. I think this is normal for the female race? Or so I tell myself it is. Starting off the New Year right with some fresh makeup and a killer pair of shoes can make all the difference in the world!

Anastasia Eyebrow Gel: This stuff has changed my life. Okay maybe not my life but it has changed how my eyebrows look at the end of a long day! After penciling in your eyebrows, simply sweep the wand across the eyebrows and TA-DA....Beautiful, non-crazy haired eyebrows.

Urban Decay NAKED 2: So I felt somewhat out of the loop when I got back to reality after the holiday season and didn't think to ask Santa for this little gem like the rest of the world had. Everybody was talking about it and nobody had it in stock. So naturally- I ordered it online and now I know what all the hype was about! This stuff is fab-u-lous. Perfect shades for daytime and nightime looks!

Gold Glitter Booties from Bloom: I was shopping in downtown McKinney with my mom one Saturday when I heard her gasp out loud after going into this little boutique called Bloom. Thinking she had spilled her coffee or forget her phone somewhere, I turned around to see her holding up these shoes with her mouth open. The apple doesn't fall from the tree when it comes to a love of a good pair of shoes I guess. Perfect height, perfect color and perfect amount of shimmer. It was love at first gasp. 

NARS "Orgasm" Blush: Telling your friends about this product can sometimes make you blush simply by the name of it alone, but this blush is the perfect pinky peach shade for any skin tone! It doesn't go on too heavy, which I love for the mornings I do my makeup in bed next to a dim light. (Don't act like you've never done it.)

Kendra Scott Skylar Earrings: Oh Kendra, how I love thee. These black earrings go with practically any outfit and you will find yourself wearing them everyday as if they are glue to your earlobes. 

"Deal Sealer Dress" by Blue Door Boutique: Okay. Confession. I actually don't have this dress......yet. But how CUTE is it?! Perfect for the office or a night out on the town. Dress it down with a blazer and BAM- You have yourself the perfect dress. 

Click names of products to find where you can get these all yourself!

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  1. NAKED2 Eye shadow palette is my FAVORITE!!! Absolutely love it.