Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Beautiful Stuff.

This past Saturday I got to visit McKinney Square with my mom. It's probably one of the cutest downtown's around and happens to be the place the hubbs proposed to me. The whole time you walk around you feel as if you have been plopped into an episode of Gilmore Girls while you slowly sip on your hot coffee. Around this time of year it seems to have more of a whimsical feel to it then normal because of all the fall decorations and cheery smiles on the people walking around. Inside one of the smaller stores was a print for sale that had this quote on it by R. Bradbury:

"We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled . The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."

After seeing this, I quickly took out my phone and snapped a photo of it so I wouldn't forget the quote. Not sure if this is allowed or frowned upon by store owners, but I did it anyway because I wasn't about to spend $150 bucks on a piece of rotting drift wood no matter how profound or cute the quote was. 

I was drawn to this quote simply because I think it holds a lot of truth. Every single day our "cups" are being filled to the brim by the events we encounter, choices we make, and the people we speak to until finally, at some point, it spills over. Question is, when it finally does spill over....does beautiful stuff pour out or does ugly, nasty stuff pour out?

God is constantly wanting to fill our cups. Hourly. Daily. Weekly. He wants to pour himself into us so that when our cup spills over...people see Him, people see the beautiful stuff. 

So I challenge you like I was once challenged by my mentor in high school, to simply wake up every morning and ask the Lord to fill your cup up with His Grace that day. Let it be the first thought that comes to your mind in the morning and be expecting God to pour Himself into you until all that can spill over is the beautiful stuff. 

You can print this 8.5 x 11 quote out for yourself by clicking the image below.

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  1. Love this! You and your mama are beautiful inside and out-grateful for how you spill it!