Friday, November 18, 2011

Honeymoon to Antigua!

Today I am literally sucking down my Venti Caramel Brulee Latte because last night I was one of those cool kids that saw Breaking Dawn at midnight onnnnnn a work night. Now before you start hatin' you have to understand that I read the 1st book before the entire United States population of woman got ahold of it (Thanks brother for that!) and divided Edward and Jacob into teams and dreamed of the day they too could become a pale, glittery, sleepless vampire. It was fun and totally worth it, but now I'm in desperate need for a caffeine IV.

I havent blogged in awhile and I blame that on being a newlywed and trying to get my new house organized! For those of you who haven't seen these- here are a couple snapshots of my honeymoon adventure! Tyler and I went to Antigua for a week and had a BLAST! It was so nice to relax and soak up some rays! :)

{Our 6 hour excursion around the island! One of the coolest
 things we did all week!}

{By this point- my poor shoulders were burnt to a crisp and I had no idea...*sigh*}

{One of the snorkeling caves!}

{Tyler being Bear normal}

{He was so proud of himself when he figured out how to catch them!}

{They were HUGE! But so friendly and dare I say...cute? }

{Zip-line and ropes course day....Ropes course bout did me in- it was more 
intense then I had suspected!}

{A view of the resort!}

{One of our last nights in Antigua! Excuse the hair- I had NO brush that entire week. }

{Soooo sad to leave!}

I can't wait for our next vacation together! I'm thinking mountains next go around??? 

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