Monday, February 21, 2011

a wonderful weekend.

Okay so how cute is this coffee sleeve?! When I got home from College Station I had this waiting for me on my stairs! I first saw it when my friend Caroline posted a picture of it on her  twitter and, of course, I instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to get one for myself ASAP! I ordered it off one of her fellow blog friends Etsy store called "Oh Sweet Joy!".  They are so cute and a great way to go green while getting your caffeine fix! :) 

On a side note...I went to College Station this weekend to visit my wonderful fiance, Tyler! On Saturday I got to watch him and some of his friends play in the Pi Phi Dodgeball tournament. Sadly, they didn't get to take home the golden dodgeball but I think Tyler bruised some egos with every 100 mph fast ball he chucked at the other teams stomachs. Ouch! Competitive much?? :) 

I also learned some valuable tips for the next time I visit good ol' Aggie Land: 

1. Fanny Packs are in. Im not sure when this became a fashion statement but I saw more girls rocking the fanny pack this past weekend then I ever have before. Also...the more neon colored- the better. 
2. Large and X-Large Shirts are way cooler to wear then Smalls or Mediums. Im still a little confused on this trend but its growing on me. My theory is that the larger shirts might give off the impression that you are skinnier then you actually are...and im ALL for that. 
3. Gym time?  Just because you wear nike athletic shorts does not mean you are about to go workout after class. I think I was guilty of doing this everyday at OBU. 
3. Poof your hair?? Wha??? Straight hair is in. Poofing is not. *Cue Arkansas girl gasping* I know I know...its tragic. 
4. I was in a social club.  Do not attempt to explain to a sweet random sorority girl what a "social club"or "EEE" is. You get some extremely confused looks.
4. Do not "whoop" unless you are an Aggie.  If you aren't use to "whooping" then most likely your whoop is weak and people automatically know your not an true blue Texas Fighting' Aggie. And yes- this did happen to me. A lot. 

So keep it classy loves and go get yourself a fanny pack and coffee sleeve. :)


  1. thanks for the coffee cuff shout out! :) glad you love it!

  2. hahaha your tips made me laugh OUT loud!!!

    In regards to the WHOOP - I teach First Grade and I make my kids WHOOP and GIG EM all the time instead of saying YES! It's more fun, but I bet we sound extremely weak and goofy as well!

    I've never heard a real whoop! ha!

  3. I have not poofed my hair in 3 days. It's. awesome.