Sunday, July 11, 2010

Arrival- Day 1

Today was the first official day of the Miss Arkansas week! My mom and I woke up this morning and got everything packed up and moved into my room, which is on the top floor of the Austin! After getting all my things moved in, we headed to Walgreens to get some small things we had forgotten along with a good ol’ cup of Starbucks coffee! If your going to start your day off right….Starbucks coffee is the way to go by the way! When we got back to the Austin I headed down to the “beauty room” where Jane White and Lauren did my hair for arrival! Without them, I would look like a hot mess so I am very thankful that they take time out of their lives to make us look beautiful this week! After getting all pretty, I got dressed and met downstairs for role call and Sarah and some of the chaperones talked with us about what our schedule looked like for the rest of the day! Needless to say, we learned that we hit the ground running once arrival is over!

We then were filed in alphabetical order and call out one by one as we stood individually at the top of the steps and walked down to the landing where our Diamond State Princess’s greeted us. After walking down the steps (praying the whole time that I wouldn’t fall!) my princess, Casey Clay, and I took a picture with Sarah Slocum! Casey looked so pretty in her blue dress that matched mine and I can’t wait to walk with her during evening gown Thursday night! Here is a picture of just how precious she is! She is the one in the middle!

After arrival, they took us up to a room where two contestants at a time got to record themselves saying “Good morning Arkansas, I am Bethany Briscoe Miss Ouachita Baptist University” for the media this week! Honestly, im not sure who we videoed that clip for but it was a lot of fun to do! When we were done with that, we had to go up to our rooms and put on our competition swimsuit for “approval”! Good news….mine got approved!

When we were done doing that we had a little down time (as in 30 minutes) to chill until we had to be back downstairs to practice our opener dance for an hour! This year, the contestants are the cast so we are learning LOTS of fun dances! Lots of dancing= starting early on the practices!

I just finished attending our meeting with the chaperones and Sarah! It was really good to hear what being Miss Arkansas is all about from a personal side! Sarah worked hard this past year and it shows!

I am excited about tomorrow and our first opener practice! I am not a dancer but I can sure pretend to be one! :) Hopefully tonight I can get some rest bc that 7:30 roll call is going to come early!


  1. Good luck Bethany!!! So excited for you and your Mom to be experiencing this together! What fun memories! :) Blessings, Julie Morris

  2. Beautiful Bethany, Bask in the fun of this week, you are prepared and ready! Let your light shine!

  3. Girl - we know you can dance! You've got your momma's moves:D Praying for you and loving these updates! "They looked to Him and were radiant":)